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Rolfing treatment for persistent back pain, posture problems and chronic injuries

Change your life in ten sessions
Naomi Wynter-Vincent

About me

London Rolfing is the website of Naomi Wynter-Vincent, certified Rolfer™, yoga teacher and massage therapist. Read more about Naomi

What is Rolfing?

Oddly named but super-powerful, Rolfing is a structured course of treatment that can address chronic posture problems and unresolved injuries. Find out more about Rolfing

Change your life in ten sessions

“A cross between a hard session at the gym, a vigorous massage and a therapy session without the talking… Naomi was fantastic.” Angela Read Angela’s story

Ida Rolf

Who invented Rolfing?

Rolfing was devised by Bronx-born Dr Ida Rolf, a research biochemist who was fascinated by the body’s structure. Read more about Ida Rolf

Recent posts

Beginning from where you are

New Year is a time for new beginning. But where to begin? The composer John Cage wrote: ‘Begin anywhere’. If you’re feeling a little the worse for wear this New Year’s Day, it’s fine to begin from where you are. Happy New Year!

Give The Gift of Rolfing

For that person in your life who has exhausted all your gift-giving options, a single session of Rolfing in London or Luton might be just the ticket. This year, I’m offering Rolfing gift sessions to purchase for a friend or a loved one. Or, y’know, for yourself, if someone is asking you what you would like this Christmas.

More and Better Information in a World of Fake News

2016 has been a dumbfounding year. In a world of ‘fake news’, what we need is more and better information for our minds and our bodies. In a second hour of Rolfing, we work on the feet to improve the transmission of good information from feet to head. Warning: TIGERS!

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