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For persistent back pain, posture problems and chronic injuries
Change your life in ten sessions
Naomi Wynter-Vincent

About me

London Rolfing is the website of Naomi Wynter-Vincent, certified Rolfer™, yoga teacher and massage therapist. Read more about Naomi

What is Rolfing?

Oddly named but super-powerful, Rolfing is a structured course of treatment that can address chronic posture problems and unresolved injuries. Find out more about Rolfing

Change your life in ten sessions

“A cross between a hard session at the gym, a vigorous massage and a therapy session without the talking… Naomi was fantastic.” Angela Read Angela’s story

Ida Rolf

Who invented Rolfing?

Rolfing was devised by Bronx-born Dr Ida Rolf, a research biochemist who was fascinated by the body’s structure. Read more about Ida Rolf

Recent posts

Finding the Sky and the Ground: How we orient ourselves to the world

We all have different ways of orienting ourselves to the ground and the sky. If you’ve met me, you’ll know that I’m a small, speccy kind of woman and may imagine that I was a correspondingly small, speccy, studious kind of child not much given to athletic prowess. The day that my sports teacher suddenly introduced volleyball into our games session was not a day of glory for me.

The Therapeutic Pause: On Completion

A few weeks ago I handed over three bound copies of my doctoral thesis to an administrator at the University of Sussex. It’s done. (It’s not entirely over, of course: the thesis has yet to be examined, and there will certainly be corrections to be made....

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