I became a Rolfer because I wanted my work to connect to my values, my enthusiasms and my history. My aim is to create a transformative and safe space for my clients.

This is a short statement of the values and mission of London Rolfing in 2018.


We are equally deserving of respect and care.

I am inspired by the Quaker insistence on respecting ‘that of God in everyone’. (Full disclosure: I used to attend Quaker meetings. Quakers are chiefly known for their non-dogmatism, opposition to militarism, social activism, support for racial, gender and sexual orientation equalities, and respect for people of all faiths and none.)


Modern life requires us to pretend to be a lot shinier than we actually are. Please don’t worry about what you look like in your pants. Ladies: stop apologising for not shaving your legs.


If the sessions are not working as well as they might, or I do not feel I can help you in the way that you need, I will tell you. If I can suggest other Rolfers or other practitioners who may be better able to help you, I will. I don’t ask my clients to commit to all ten sessions, and as a general rule I do not offer discounts for bookings of multiple sessions, because a) they chiefly benefit people who least need the discount, and b) I want my clients to come back because they choose to do so.

Rolfing for all

I happen to work in one of the greatest but most unequal cities on earth (and also in Luton). London, Rolfing: I love you both, but I did not get into this business to offer Rolfing as a ‘luxury’ treatment affordable only to the super-wealthy. I have set my fee at a level which takes into account the cost and time of my training (and advanced training), my venue and travel costs, and that fact that my sessions can run to 90 minutes. If you would like to access Rolfing, but cannot afford my fee, please contact me by email.

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