What to Expect at your first Rolfing session

In your first session we will take a little time to do a full initial consultation and explore your reasons for trying Rolfing.

If you have a complex or unusual diagnosed medical condition, it is helpful to let me know about this in advance, as this will allow me to find out more and to determine your suitability for treatment. You may find it helpful to read the list of contraindications included on this page. Please be assured that your medical and personal details will be treated confidentially.

Rolfing treatments have an analytic and improvisational quality, which means that we do not work to a fixed duration. Each client is a unique presentation of body type, nervous system and personality, and the way that I run my Rolfing sessions reflects this. In general, expect a first session to last 75-85 minutes, and subsequent sessions to last around 60-75 minutes. If you need to be out by a specific time, please let me know at the beginning of the session.

Rolfing sessions begin and end with a body reading, with the client standing in front of me in their underwear. If that sounds terrifying, please do tell me. From personal experience, I do (really) understand, and I’ll do what I can to ensure that you feel comfortable.

Ladies: Please wear a bra (not racer back) and pants. Bras are preferable to crop tops (which can have thick elasticated bits and be a bit tricky to work around), but it isn’t a deal-breaker. I work with a little bit of oil, so it is best not to wear anything that wouldn’t wash well in the event that a little bit of oil transfers. Please don’t worry about what kind of pants you are wearing (I can cope with your not-best pants), or worry about wearing visible sanitary protection. There is no problem to receive Rolfing work when you are on your period, although if you generally experience painful or heavy periods, you may personally prefer to schedule your treatments away from these times.

Gentlemen: Please note that it is easier and more discreet for me to work when you wear reasonably fitted trunks or briefs, rather than shorts or boxers, as I can better see the line of your legs/hips in more fitted trunks, I do not need to work under material, and everything stays where it oughta be.

Aside from the handwritten notes that I take before, during and after sessions, I also keep your basic contact details (name, contact details, session dates, and mobile phone number in case of last minute delays) electronically for the purposes of communication and administration related to my practice, in line with GDPR regulations. Your details will never be made available to anyone else. I ask my clients tor read and sign a disclaimer at the beginning of the first session that sets out three things: the information I need to know from you as we are going along; my cancellation policy, and my GDPR statement. I am fully accredited and hold professional indemnity insurance, but I also ask my clients to disclose any existing or previous medical and mental health conditions, pregnancy (even very early stage), other therapies that you may be doing concurrently, and to let me know if there is any aspect of the treatment that you feel uncomfortable with or if you feel you have experienced a side-effect or problem after your session.

You will also have the option of having photos taken (using your mobile phone or camera) before session 1, and after sessions 3, 7 and 10. This can be a very interesting and helpful way to track changes in your alignment and posture over time, but it is certainly not essential. Please keep in mind, as well, that the benefits of Rolfing are not only ‘cosmetic’: some people do see big and positive shifts in their posture (and it’s very gratifying when this happens), but what is more important is how you feel in your body. Take a look at some examples from the Internet here.

It’s a good idea to have your sessions a week to a fortnight apart (you want to leave enough time for your body to process the changes, but not so long that your body forgets all about the sessions), but the interval can vary.

If there’s anything else you’re unsure about, just ask!

Please also refer here for information about where I work, and how much I charge.

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