Dylan Evans is a Certified Rolfer. He trained in London with the British Academy of Rolfing Structural Integration, which is accredited by the European Rolfing Association in Munich and the Dr Ida Rolf Institute, based in Boulder, Colorado.

Dylan is also trained in Shiatsu and is a Reiki Master. He has a strong interest in how our bodies and minds are interconnected and interdependent and has developed his own embodiment practice through many years of practising Tai Chi, Qigong and meditation.

He also holds a Master’s degree from Aberystwyth University.

He joined clinic director Naomi at London Rolfing in October 2023.

Dylan’s story


Dylan has had a long-standing interest in the mind-body connection, and spent many years training in Tai Chi, which was his first experience of realising that he had a body, in any real sense. At the same time, he learnt Qigong, and still practises this regularly for his own well-being. His interest in the oriental healing arts continued with courses in Shiatsu, and around the same time he undertook the full training and practice to become a Reiki Master.

After spending many years in a high-level, high-pressure work environment, Dylan realised that his health was suffering, both physically and mentally, and he made the decision to have a complete change of career. Whilst considering what he really wanted to be doing, he embarked on a Rolfing ten series with Naomi, and during this process experienced profound emotional and physical changes. This led to long discussions with her about becoming a Rolfing practitioner himself.  With further reflection, Dylan realised that this would build on his current knowledge and interest of working with the body and mind, and took the step of enrolling for the training. Despite delays due to Covid lockdowns, he completed his training and now works alongside Naomi at the London Rolfing clinic.

I did the Rolfing 10 series with Dylan. I found him compassionate and patient in his approach. He communicated the reasons for every step in working towards a balance within the body and posture. Also, at every point, I appreciated him checking in with me and my well-being during the process. Thank you Dylan!


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