Coaching offers an empowering, confidential and non-judgmental space where we work together to identify goals, explore obstacles, and generate new possibilities, typically over a course of 6-10 sessions spread out over several weeks or months, either in person in London, or online.

My style of coaching is supportive and aims at helping you to work and live more comfortably and calmly in your body: that is to say, with less anxiety, more body confidence, and with more adaptability (to what life throws at us) and authenticity (remaining and becoming who we are, and living within our values).

We can work together to explore and address issues around self-presentation in professional and personal settings, such as

  • body confidence
  • anxiety and nerves
  • feeling ungrounded, slouchy, or leaden
  • feelings of shame, shyness, and awkwardness
  • standing up to workplace bullying and stereotyping
  • shallow, restricted, or excessive breathing in situations of pressure
  • impostor syndrome and self-promotion
  • interviews
  • fear of public speaking and finding one’s ‘voice’.

While in coaching we work primarily through conversation and goal-setting, I also draw on Rolfing, psychotherapy, coaching, and trauma releasing work. We might also work with written exercises, roleplay, movement, and breathwork. We can also work in a blended way that incorporates physical therapy with coaching, and this can be helpful for people who are nervous about receiving physical work.

I also offer coaching around life transitions, such as redundancy, conception planning, pregnancy, menopause, couple separation, retirement, and career change. I am not an ‘expert’ in these topics, but I can help you to identify and articulate hopes, desires, and fears, providing a safe space for thinking and feeling that may not be possible for you elsewhere. I can also be hired for outplacement counselling and on-site leadership and executive coaching. Relatedly I can offer online or in person workshops designed for office teams working in the office or from home to help with sitting comfortably, screen work, and avoiding repetitive strain injuries.

For more information and to contact me, please take a look at my booking page.

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