The Rolfing treatment images used through the London Rolfing website are the work of two talented photographers. More recent images are by David Ellard, whose photographic talents are matched by his skills as an Aikido instructor, yoga teacher, and personal trainer. He also shoots weddings in MK. And Mind and Body Movement is his new coaching and movement website.

Earlier images are by the very lovely photographer, travel writer and food blogger, Helena Smith. Take a look at some of Helena’s other work at her website, her food blog, Eat Hackney, and her Hackney guide, Inside Hackney.

I am also very grateful to a colleague who kindly modelled for me in the earlier pictures, and to a number of friends and former clients who modelled in the newer set.

And I remain very grateful always to Dan Smith for handling the technical side of things and being generally relentless in the pursuit of excellence and accessibility.

While some of the other images on the site are either my own, images such as the image of Ida Rolf and the ‘Little Boy’ logo are used with permission of the European Rolfing Association.

The beautiful image of the sensory ‘Rolfing foot garden’ was made (as was the garden!) by one of my clients and is used gratefully with her permission.

I am also very grateful for the free use of the following images, which are all made available under a Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0) license, unless otherwise specified. Many of these images have been cropped to a standard ratio.

No. 1 image: Timothy Krause

No. 2 image: Earl37a

No. 3 image: chicagogeek

No. 4 image: Bill Smith

No. 5 image: takomabibelot

No. 6 image: Beverley Goodwin

No. 7 image: Christopher Sessums

No. 8 image: William

No. 9 image: Marco Ghitti

No. 10 image: UK Ministry of Defence

Massage image: gaelx

Chemical reaction image: neys fadzil under a Creative Commons (CC BY-ND 2.0) licence (please note that this image has been cropped for use).

Academic textbook image: seriykotik1970

Dancer image: Beth Scupham

Levitating woman image: Fe Ilya

Lady and gentleman image: Internet Archive Book Images

Sculptures on Aker Brygge in Oslo: john ivar andresen under a Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) licence.

St Pancras image: Graeme Maclean

Interior shot of Atelier Tammam: @HouseOfTammam

St Francis of Assisi: Andy Blackledge

Running: Josiah Mackenzie

Laughing Sculpture: Chris Huggins

Eduardo Paolozzi Sculpture of Isaac Newton: Tim Regan

Chained: Trevor Leyenhorst

Speeding on (snail): Martin F

Ali-Rae (woman jumping): Taylor Hand

No Pain, No Gain: Carlos Martinez

Quality Radio: Aussie~mobs

Jazz: Fabio Venni

Frog in transition with yellow tail: Dave Huth

Chill frog (Whites Tree Frog_35): Peter G W Jones

Pause (Pause? 272/365): Dennis Skley

Manhattan: Maëlick

Prairie: Joshua Mayer

Wrinkly cat: Sasha Fujin

Jumping girl: Petras Gagilas

Supple foot: Caitlin Regan

Tiger: Matthias Appel

Fibre optics: Groman123

Gift: asenat29

Hangover: Vincent Truchseß

Dog in blanket 1: Daniel M. Hendricks

Dog in blanket 2: Jim Winstead

Hope: Steve Snodgrass

Pelvis: Catnip Soup

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