Where, when, and how much

From October 2021, I am working at the Kailash Centre in St John’s Wood. The Kailash offers a tranquil environment for therapy, and benefits from a staffed reception and a seated waiting area.

Sessions are available at the following times:

  • Tuesdays 1pm / 2.15pm / 3.30pm / 4.45pm / 6pm
  • Thursdays 9am / 10.15am / 11.30am / 1.15pm
  • Every other Sunday 10am / 11.15am / 12.30pm / 1.45pm (from 3rd October)

My session fee (for Rolfing, Embodiment Coaching, Rolf Movement, and TRE) is £120. This can include an initial online consultation over Zoom as it may be easier to do this online at the moment.

I am one of ten Certified Advanced Rolfers in the UK, and one of only 8 practising UK Rolfers who hold all three Rolfing qualifications (Practitioner certification, Advanced Rolfer certification, Rolf Movement certification). My session fee therefore reflects my qualifications and experience, as well as the cost of practising from a therapy space in central London.

With apologies, I am no longer working in Luton (but this may change).


COVID-safe working

Please be aware of my COVID-safe working practices before booking.

Get in Touch

Bookings have re-opened. Please make initial contact with by email to see my current availability or to be added to my waiting list.


I am based at the Kailash Centre, 7 Newcourt Street, St Johns Wood, NW8 7AA.

The Kailash Centre is a short walk from St John’s Wood tube station on the Jubilee Line, and convenient for connections from Baker Street on the Circle, Hammersmith & City, Metropolitan, and Bakerloo lines, as well as from West Hampstead Thameslink and overground stations. It is also just across the road from Regent’s Park, and on a number of useful bus routes.

There is some on-road parking in the area.

Other information

You are welcome to try a single session, but please note that you really won’t get a full idea of the Rolfing ten series from one session alone. Many clients find that Rolfing has an immediately noticeable and positive effect, but that’s not true for everyone (it wasn’t true for me, actually, when I was a client: my progress was slower and more cumulative). But that doesn’t mean that it’s not working.

If you are nervous about committing to all ten sessions (and given financial constraints I understand this entirely), I would suggest that you try at least three sessions.

It’s a good idea to have your sessions about a week to a fortnight apart, but the interval can vary and there are a couple of points during the ten session cycle when it can make sense to have a little pause (if you need to, especially to ease the costs a little). Overseas clients who stay in London for a few days at a time may like to book a couple of sessions spaced over a few days, or a long weekend.

You may also find the information on my page ‘What to expect’ helpful.

Discounts: I am very often asked for a discount, and my policy where discounts are concerned is evolving, due to some unfortunate experiences with people expecting a discount even where it was clearly not needed. I am running a small, time- and care-intensive business, and hire a space to work in London. I am occasionally able to offer a small discount in cases of genuine hardship, but I no longer have the flexibility to do this as I did previously. Please note that I am unable to offer a student discount.