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Official Rolfing organisations

Comrades from the world of Rolfing, movement, coaching, yoga and bodywork

  • Liberated Body A great resource on all things Rolfing and bodywork, brought to you by U.S. Rolfer, Brooke Thomas
  • YogaGlo A brilliant and affordable subscription website that gives you access to hundreds of high-quality videos of yoga tuition
  • Granville Cousins My yoga teacher since 2006, and a top bloke
  • Yoga London Offering yoga teacher training courses in the vinyasa yoga style
  • Islington Yoga Home of Shadow Yoga classes in London
  • TRE London Information about David Berceli’s work to help people dealing with trauma and tension, his trauma release exercises (TRE), and courses and workshops held in London.
  • Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage by the lovely Angie Ix Chel. I’ve received work from Angie, and she’s great. A really powerful, nurturing treatment for both men and women which can help with digestive and menstrual problems.
  • Converge Nexus Professional career and personal development coaching by Christina Johnson: intelligent, perceptive, empathetic, and very funny.
  • Newness Yoga Yoga by the lovely April Nunes in Harpenden. Though she be but little, she is fierce.
  • Geneviève K Coaching and Massage Therapy Her client testimonial says it best: ‘If there is one person you need on your team, it’s Geneviève. She’s a creative problem-solver of the highest order, and knows how to bring forth the very best in people.’

Other Naomi-related (ad)ventures:

More Great People!

  • Studio 90 London Home of Madeline the amazing hairdresser, in her beautiful and air studio space in De Beauvoir town. Madeline is a seriously good hairdresser, who leaves me feeling actually, genuinely glamorous every time (this is no mean feat)
  • 63 Sun Studio Photographic studio and desk rental for creatives in De Beauvoir town. Home to Madeline (see above), EatHackney and the lovely Georgia Kuhn
  • Vipassana Meditation The Vipassana Trust offers 10-day silent meditation retreats in the UK and around the world. They do so from a Buddhist perspective, but make clear that the meditations techniques they teach are suitable for people of all faiths, or none. It’s not an easy experience, but it is very worthwhile
  • Essential Oils Online Supplying me with essential oils since 2000
  • Greater Goods Suppliers of The Mother’s India incense: beautiful, natural incense sticks made by women who work in a fair trade factory in Puducherry, India. My Luton clients usually get a blast of their amazing Oudh incense when I work from home
  • David Ellard Photography. Some new pictures for my new project coming soon… And they’re fantastic! David is great person to work with: a collaborative and intuitive photographer, with a brilliant knack for capturing beauty in all its diversity. He’s also does weddings. (And Aikido. And yoga. And personal training!)
  • Whittaker Plane Accountancy Honest accountancy firm, based in Luton. Always happy to answer my daft questions, they take the fear out of running a small limited company.

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