Naomi is an expert in her field who has delicately cajoled me towards the understanding of body mechanics and posture that I thought I had. The Rolfing Ten series has been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself to date. A lifetime of strenuous sporting activity combined with 20+ years in a sedentary career, notorious for poor posture was taking its toll. Keen not to curtail either, I took the advice of a senior BJJ instructor to give Rolfing a go. Sessions varied in intensity, were therapeutic, informative and ultimately relaxing. It often took days or even weeks to appreciate what had been achieved. I can honestly say that 2 months after the final session generally feel more comfortable and endure significant aches and pains only on the days I neglect to do what I now know is right for me.

Alexis G.

I found my Rolfing sessions with Naomi both enlightening and therapeutic. I can now breathe into the upper part of my torso, which I had always felt was ‘dead space’ before, and I feel my posture and general energy has improved as result. I feel as though I move more freely and have gained much better awareness of myself, my body, and feel a sense of achievement having completed the ten series. I am now experiencing the benefits weeks after finishing and continue to be amazed at the changes in my body. Naomi offered an excellent personalised service and I highly recommend her.

Ali C.

Rolfing was recommended to me by a friend having complained of hip pain for quite awhile. I’d tried most therapies so was happy to give the 10 series a go. Having suffered a bereavement, I attended my first session in an emotionally vulnerable state and Naomi was a real comfort. I left that session feeling very positive about the coming months. Each session concentrated on different areas but Naomi always happy to focus on any niggles I had. By the end of the series I felt confident that Naomi and Rolfing had helped tremendously, not only physically but emotionally. Thank you for your dedicated support.

Kate B.

I found my sessions with Naomi hugely enjoyable and beneficial. She helped iron out problems with my posture and back, and really helped me to reflect on my body and identify how to avoid recurring issues I have. Not only this, she is a very warm and friendly person who put me at ease throughout. I would highly recommend Rolfing, and particularly Naomi, to anyone.

Daisy M.

Meeting Naomi and discovering Rolfing has had a positive and valuable impact on my wellbeing.  The constant back pain that I suffered with for over a year has gone completely. Coupled with a warm, friendly and professional approach from Naomi, I couldn’t recommend this therapy highly enough.

Penny C.

Naomi is a very positive, warm and calming person. She has helped me find more length within my body and through her work on the tissue has been able to open up my joints. As a dancer I really recommend her work as she has not only improved my flexibility but has also helped me to understand my body much better. After each session I was left feeling taller, leaner, better aligned and more secure in my stance and stride.

Anne S.

I have recently completed a ten session course of Rolfing  with Naomi. I was interested in trying Rolfing as I have a chronic pain condition and have tried many different therapies with varying results in an attempt to manage pain and stress. I had read a little about Rolfing and was keen to explore what it could offer.

On my first appointment Naomi asked me many questions about my health and lifestyle and then began my first hands on treatment. Naomi put me at my ease by explaining what she was doing as we went along. I really enjoyed my first session and felt confident that with Naomi’s help and my willingness to participate in helping myself regarding managing pain that I could significantly improve my condition. As the weeks went on I learnt many helpful techniques which were very empowering. Each session Naomi focused on a different area of my body, paying particular attention to certain problem areas. Naomi does a mean massage, but more than that, she is very intuitive and was sensitive to whatever was going on in my body each time I had a treatment.

I would certainly recommend Naomi to anyone who is either in pain or just feels that they could feel much better than they do at the moment. Rolfing has given me a much better awareness of my body and made me a lot more confident in my ability to help myself towards better health.

I will definitely be booking in for an occasional top up with Naomi!


Rolfing was something I wanted to try for a while, and last January it felt like the right time to start, as I was going through a difficult time with a breakup and wanted to do something nice for myself. My initial motivation was to improve my posture.  I thoroughly enjoyed the 10 sessions, and kept looking forward to them. One of the most interesting parts was getting feedback and observations on my way of walking and realising there are different ways to stand and different muscles to engage that I wasn’t aware of. It was also interesting to notice the big difference in the way I stood and felt before and after each session. The Rolfing sessions have helped me find better awareness of my body, including physical patterns that I’ve carried since childhood without realising it. I always felt comfortable with Naomi and found it easy to connect with her and would recommend anyone who is thinking about it to give it a try.
Irene P.

Working with Naomi was a pleasurable and transformative experience.  Her insights have helped me to understand the “whys and hows” of my body, and to discover an unexpected sense of lift.  My feet even have arches now!

Annie A.

My Rolfing experience with Naomi not only helped me to improve my posture but also helped me understand how closely linked your emotions are with your body. How by always being prepared for the worst to come along means I stand with most of my weight on the front of my feet. Naomi helped me be aware and conscious of what is actually going on with me which now means every time I slouch or stop breathing out, a little click goes off and I try and correct myself.

Nicole P.

My Rolfing sessions with Naomi were of immense physical and emotional benefit to me.
Now I have finished my 10 sessions I have a genuine desire to go back to session one and start all over again.  🙂
Naomi was a fantastic professional therapist and I would recommend her to absolutely every person in possession of a body.
David E.

I came to Naomi for help in addressing the negative effects of childhood trauma on my posture & way of walking, and to resolve an overall sense of being ill at ease with my body. I found her treatment professional and thorough but also tailored to my individual needs. After the course of ten sessions I have a much improved gait and my posture when standing or sitting is more natural and relaxed. I also feel a significant improvement in overall confidence both in my body generally and in my mind. I can thoroughly recommend Naomi’s sensitive and caring treatment.

Robert B.

Naomi is one of the most genuine therapists I had pleasure to meet. She is patient, warm, insightful, generous and funny.
I always look forward to each session as I always learn something new from it, apart from feeling re-invigorated.


This photograph was made by one of Naomi’s clients, who was inspired to create her very own sensory ‘Rolfing foot garden’, after her Rolfing sessions with Naomi. The garden is designed to help keep her feet supple and adaptive.

I would recommend Naomi if you are looking for a Rolfing practitioner. She is very experienced, very knowledgeable and very thorough. I have found my sessions with her very beneficial. I am still processing all I have learnt and I may well go back to Naomi for some top up sessions in future.

Alex B.

I very warmly recommend working with Naomi if you are looking for a Rolfing practitioner. Naomi was a supportive and attentive listener to my questions and was brilliant at explaining what Rolfing is (and what it isn’t) and what the different sessions in the ten series address. I found her calm expertise very reassuring and this really enhanced my experience of the physical component of the therapy. On the physical side, Naomi is precise, skilful and very strong, but also extremely considerate to how the Rolfee is experiencing the treatment. Some of the sensations I felt were intense, but it was never painful, and I felt in thoroughly safe hands working with Naomi.

Laura T.

I embarked on a course of Rolfing with Naomi without much prior knowledge of the process. Naomi was fantastic in explaining what Rolfing is and how it’s done and was able to answer my questions before we began. The sessions were offered with great sensitivity, especially given the option to be photographed in underwear.

I found Rolfing itself to be very different from massage (which is what I imagined it would be like). It’s more like a cross between a hard session at the gym, a vigorous massage and a therapy session without the talking! I was astonished to discover that Rolfing had not only a physical component, but a psychological component and I discovered that I was much more aware of my breathing and levels of tension being carried in my body.

I’d recommend Rolfing whether you want to improve your posture and are curious or whether you have a medical condition that has not been resolved by any more conventional practices.


I’d never even heard of Rolfing until recently. I had a fantastic experience and noticed a significant change in my body by session 5 or 6. Moreover, it wasn’t just that there was a physical change, but there was also a change in how I felt about my own body.

Somehow, I felt more present in it, more connected to it, more aware of what was causing some of the aches and pains I experienced and how to be free from those.

The sessions themselves were enjoyable and felt therapeutic and peaceful. I would absolutely recommend this course of physical therapy to anyone – and I’d even do it again myself!

Fiona G.

When I first read about structural integration and Rolfing being one of the practices I wasn’t very optimistic at that time that it’ll help me to find a calmer, safer and pleasant way in my turmoiled period in life. Gradually with every next session with Naomi I felt a step by step progress in understanding the connection between my body and my mind. Gentle and caring touch of Naomi’s tiny but strong powerful hands relaxed me and made me feel that something good is happening in me. I was so tense and hard on myself, it felt like my body is a great big stone. Within 10 sessions I got to know Naomi and myself as well. Miracles don’t happen and after a great job that Rolfing did for me I still need to remember the sensation, work on myself for not to forget the positive results of the massages I had. I would happily go back again to repeat the sessions in the future and highly recommend this experience to a wider population as Rolfing should be recognised as one of the therapies for ones healthy body and mind.
Natasha B.

I slipped a disc in my early teens whilst on a camping expedition and have pretty much suffered with intermittent back pain since.  I first heard about Rolfing in 2012 whilst on holiday in Rio, from an American who swore it saved his life; I was obviously sceptical.  My disc slipped again and by early 2013, I was being asked to consider surgery.  Fortunately, I came across an article in the newspaper on Rolfing and decided to give it a go.  I chose London Rolfing because the website was informative and the consulting room based conveniently close to Kings Cross Station.

Even after my first session, I walked out feeling like the tension in my body had melted away.  Within the next few sessions, I started feeling the benefits; I felt taller, my body felt less restricted and most importantly, I was pain free and feeling more positive.

Naomi made me feel comfortable and explained what she was doing and how it may impact on me later.  I was particularly fascinated by my fifth session, which focused on releasing tension from my psoas muscle; critical for balanced alignment.

I am now more aware of my body and structure as a whole and consider the impact of how I sit and stand. From slipped disc to climbing Snowdon for charity: whilst it may seem dramatic, Rolfing really has changed my life.

S. Singh

I read about Rolfing a long time ago and finally at the end of last year I decided to give it a go and see if it would help with my posture and shoulder pain.I have just completed my Ten sessions with Naomi and I am really delighted with the result.I feel taller, more flexible and free of constraints, like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Naomi taught me how to correct the way I walk and what subtle changes I needed to make in order to release the tension. She’s a true gem, very professional and yet at the same time very approachable. I will certainly see Naomi again for “ maintenance “ sessions .I would definitely recommend Naomi to everyone who wants to try Rolfing! Thank you Naomi for your invaluable advice !


Receiving Rolfing treatment from Naomi has been a transformative experience. The treatment has progressively changed my bodily sensations and deepened my understanding of how my body works, this process of rediscovery has been very exciting and fast. After years of struggling with not being able to stand very straight, which was a barrier to my dance practice, I have experienced the sensation of being straight without effort, feeling stable and grounded. Walking and sitting were things I thought I already knew how to do, but there was a lot I had to learn. I am really pleased I made this investment. Naomi is very professional, knowledgeable, attentive, generous and personable. Thank you. Sylvia

I have just completed my Ten with Naomi and what a journey it has been!

I wanted to use bodywork to uncover emotional trauma that I felt was hidden deep  in my body since early childhood and that I could not access even with years of talking therapy, with a view to clearing it. My body had always been full of unexplained aches and pains too, so I hoped that some of these might clear in the process. So we started the ten and gradually and gently Naomi worked on my body and built up my confidence to cope with my fear.  Sometimes she gave me simple body “homework” and the pain in my foot and calves has gone.  It was lovely to go bouncing off on a long walk after each session!

My sinuses feel better too and I have generally stopped holding my body so stiffly and painfully. Sometimes between or during sessions, deep emotional issues and fear came up which she calmly dealt with by teaching me Trauma Release Exercises.  This really was a breakthrough and I do these exercises regularly now.

Just before the final session the really difficult feelings that I had been unable to access for decades came up from the depths and I was able to confront them at last and give them a voice! I could hardly believe it, but feel so much better !! I can’t thank Naomi enough. I recommend Naomi and her gentle and reassuring approach wholeheartedly and I will most certainly go back for regular “tuning”.


Naomi came recommended to me as someone to help me address tension and emotional trauma stored in the body. I had never heard of Rolfing before but it I found it subtly started to put me back in alignment and gave me more comfort and awareness of my body and posture. Naomi is highly professional, knowledgeable and understanding and I felt very comfortable in her safe hands.You don’t need to understand how it works, just open to the fact that it can help.

Zoe W.

I’d heard about Rolfing when I was living in Germany and was always interested in trying it out as I’ve suffered from shoulder pain and poor posture for years. I’d tried many different massages as well as osteopathy and acupuncture but the pain had always returned.

After my ten sessions with Naomi I’m delighted that the pain seems to have gone, and if I feel a twinge I am able to correct my posture and prevent it from taking hold. I’m much more aware of my body and how it all works together.

Naomi has been a wonderful therapist, and I immediately felt comfortable working with her and that I was literally in good hands. Naomi has had a very thorough training and really understands what she is doing and genuinely cares about her clients. I intend to go back for top ups to keep up her good work.


I had health problems as a result of a whiplash injury. Before working with Naomi, I had difficulty sitting in meditation because my body would stiffen painfully after just an hour. I am pleased that after just eight sessions with Naomi, I was able to meditate every day for 10 days, sitting for many hours each day.

In order for me to improve my health, I needed to be receptive to the treatment.  That relied on trust which came very easily in working with Naomi.  She listened well.  She asked great questions helping me to notice patterns in my health history and gave feedback that reinforced the areas of which I needed to be aware.

The most significant thing for me when working with Naomi was her sensitive approach to introducing the method.  She worked in a facilitative way; she recognised the things I had already done well.  However, she was both thoughtful and instructive in applying her skills and helping me understand how to build upon the work we had done. I appreciated Naomi’s thoroughness and her personalised approach. I always felt as if I was Naomi’s only client.

G. Roberts

When I entered the studio, it was my first experience of Rolfing and Naomi exceeded my expectations, exponentially! I had not appreciated how different this course would be from conventional massage, but it stands out in many important respects. Naomi took time to evaluate the movements and stance of my whole body before beginning her work. She would then release areas where fascia was inappropriately restricting my motion.

There was a method and order to the process, but she also was able to respond to my particular problem areas to cause profound change. Several painful areas in my neck and an achilles had been there so long I’d come to accept them as normal. Naomi’s whole-system approach rebalanced me; I am now pain free and feel much more ‘elastic’ overall.

She is extremely generous and knowledgeable, and creates a very comfortable relaxed atmosphere at all times. I would highly recommend both Naomi and Rolfing to anyone – in fact, I do!

Caitlin T.

I have have recently completed ten Rolfing sessions with Naomi. I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of the actual treatment or if it would help with lower back pain.

Initially benefits could be compared to a good massage, but over the course of time, there have been subtle accumulative changes and my body feels re-educated!

I always thought that my posture wasn’t too bad, but Naomi could see I was holding a lot of tension in different areas which was having negative repercussions throughout all my body and certainly exacerbated the back pain.

I have become more body aware and feel at ease and comfortable and have learnt that the effect of gravity isn’t necessarily a bad thing when your posture works with it rather than against. The added bonus is that it’s had a calming effect on the mind too!

Naomi is a lovely lady who is a very accomplished therapist and who’s also aware of the mind/body connection when we have pain and tension. Overall the 10 sessions have been a positive experience which hopefully will continue to be beneficial.So if you’re suffering and feeling uncomfortable with aches and pains  and want a treatment that can give you more of  an insight as to why……give it a go 🙂

Georgie W.

I’m not quite sure how I came across Rolfing but I’m glad I did. Naomi’s approach is very informed, she is clearly passionate about the subject, and she is compassionate and supportive in her practice. The process itself was really interesting and, at points, challenging, but there were no surprises thanks to the way Naomi guided me through the sessions.  And each of these were personally enriching, offering an opportunity for reflection as well as ironing out some of the kinks in my posture.  Naomi shared her insights throughout the process and I’m sure I’ll continue to integrate all those lessons as time passes.

Christina J.

Naomi is a calming presence and set me wonderfully at ease even though I’m not a ‘hang around in my pants’ kinda woman.

I feel I’ve relearned how to stand and walk to the extent that my lower back pain has become only an occasional irritant (e.g. if I overdo something!) rather than a daily ache.

Friends have commented on how tall I stand and have asked whether I’ve lost weight. I haven’t, but Naomi helped me carry myself better.

Fiona M.

I went to Naomi with lower back pain. A dear friend recommended to me Rolfing, and I don’t regret taking up her advice. The sessions with Naomi helped me improve my posture and enhanced my awareness and connection with my body. Each session had a calming and relaxing effect, taking away the accumulated body stress of working hours in front of a computer. I did not experience any of the unpleasantness or pain that I have read others express about Rolfing; on the contrary it was very soothing. Naomi is a considerate, careful and supporting practitioner, always in good moods. I recommend her strongly to anyone who wants to try Rolfing.

Giorgos K.

My partner became seriously ill and had to have an operation. Fortunately this put things right but I came out of a very stressful time feeling like I’d been in a car crash. I have never been very supple and we had gone from being active to spending a lot of time on the sofa, so my body was stiff and aching and I was exhausted.

I decided to try something new so when I saw the article in the Guardian about Naomi and her Rolfing practice I got in touch, and I’m so glad I did. It helped me to come to terms with all the fear and stress and calm my body down again. It gave me a way to think about myself after being focussed on other people for so long. It was a bit of a voyage of discovery and I realised I had got some of my assumptions about my back problems wrong. Naomi explained that the benefits of Rolfing continue after the course finishes. It is now 6 months on and I am feeling so much better and still seeing improvements in my posture.

As well as this, I really enjoyed Naomi’s company. She completely put me at my ease and explained everything clearly. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone.

Carol L.

Having had nagging back, neck and shoulder pain for a couple of years which would occasionally flare up into an inability to do the simple things (walk, sit up without creaking, turn my neck) for a couple of weeks at a time, I signed up to a course of Rolfing with Naomi.  Whilst there are definitely elements of the treatment that aren’t entirely pleasant (weirdly, for me it was armpits and big toes), Naomi managed my squeamishness marvelously with a great ability to put me at ease.  Pain wise, I still get occasional twinges, but compared to my pre-Rolf state things are markedly improved.  I’ve learned a lot about my body over the course of the programme – how to walk properly, how to sit correctly and lots of other useful tips to keep me mostly pain free.  Would definitely recommend.

Steve P.

I came to Rolfing around my 30th birthday to address my sense of general physical malaise, as well as my poor posture, pain in my feet, and niggling tightness in my shoulder blades. My sessions with Naomi were spaced out over a span of about five months, and we completed the entire ten series. My first reaction was that Rolfing was very soothing, even when it was a bit painful. I always sensed that Naomi was attentive and responsive to my physical reactions. To be honest, I have no serious injuries or scars, so perhaps my experience of Rolfing being not painful wouldn’t be representative. Personally, I enjoyed each session on the heated treatment table and found the experience relaxing.

I feel I gained two important things from working with Naomi. First, I became aware of my stance and posture in an enlightening and hopefully transformative way. Rolfing isn’t magic; it’s not going to solve every physical problem you have. But it is diagnostic in the sense that you understand better why you might be having certain problems. For example, I realised through Naomi’s observations and coaching that the way I shifted my weight to the insides of my feet was likely contributing to a feeling of postural imbalance that I’ve always had. Second, over time, I felt a subtle shift in how I “held” my body. Before, I think I subconsciously pent up a lot of tension and stress in my body without even realising. In most sessions, Naomi helped identify where I was holding tension and worked on those areas so that I could be more aware of how it felt to be relaxed and hopefully break some of those patterns on my own over time.

Lastly, Naomi is full of insights into related modalities of physical wellness and healing, and we had interesting conversations about a wide range of topics that made the sessions feel interactive and holistic rather than strictly oriented to the physical body in a therapist-client dynamic (which of course I consider to be a positive thing). In all, I would highly recommend Rolfing with Naomi.

Daisy C.

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