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Rolfing is a big part of what I do (the clue is in the name of my website, after all), but it’s not the only thing I do. And now that COVID-19 is a thing we have to worry about, it’s worth mentioning the other treatments and ways of working that I offer to my clients:

  • Coaching
  • TRE (tension and trauma releasing exercises)
  • Rolf Movement

I can also offer Reflexology (including reflexology during pregnancy), or a short form of Rolfing that focuses on the feet (which allows a greater measure of social distancing).

Read on to find out more.

  • Embodiment and Transition Coaching

The work I do as a Rolfer has always been something more than a ‘touch therapy’ – that’s why it’s so interesting. It has an important relational aspect and analytic quality that creates a space for observing and reflecting on patterns of movement, posture, and behaviour.

Embodiment Coaching draws on my skillset as a Certified Advanced Rolfer and qualified coach to create a space where we can explore and address issues such as body confidence, nervousness, and self-presentation in work and life. Embodiment coaching may also be particularly suitable for people who do not feel ready to embark on a Rolfing Ten Series.

I also offer Transition Coaching around life transitions, such as redundancy, conception planning, pregnancy, menopause, couple separation, retirement, and career change, offering an empowering, confidential and non-judgmental space where we work together to identify goals, explore obstacles, and generate new possibilities.

Coaching is typically delivered over a course of 6-10 sessions spread out over several weeks or months, either in person in London, or online. You can read more about my coaching here.

  • TRE® – Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises

TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) is a gentle and effective way to release physical tension and stress, and reconnect with your body. It was created by Dr David Berceli, based on his humanitarian work with first responders around the world.

TRE is a safe and simple movement routine that stimulates the body’s natural ‘tremoring’ response. This releases deep-held muscular and fascial tensions, restoring calm and adaptability to the nervous system. TRE is easy to learn in one session (and can then be practised safely by yourself at home), but some clients will benefit from having a number of sessions in order to feel safe to go more deeply into their experience.

You can read more about TRE here and about my personal experience of TRE here.

  • Rolf Movement

For the most part I integrate Rolf Movement within my Rolfing sessions. But I can also offer pure movement sessions focused on particular areas such as walking, sitting, and working (working from home or the office, movement to support professional activities such as musicianship, acting, dance, and discipline-specific sports training). Rolf Movement can also be a part of an Embodiment Coaching course.

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