Who is Rolfing for?

The Rolfing ten series offers a ‘tune-up’ for the whole body and is particularly helpful in addressing the root causes of muscular-skeletal pain conditions that arise from postural habits and unrehabilitated injuries.

Athletes and exercise enthusiasts, such as runners, cyclists, golfers and yoga students may find that Rolfing enables them to develop and refine their performance by correcting postural misalignment and releasing stored tension. Rolfing is generally a safe and helpful therapy for everyone (but please see a few contraindications, below).

Rolfing is very good for:

  • tight, held breathing
  • back pain
  • aching shoulders, frozen shoulder
  • stiff neck
  • tight hips
  • sciatica
  • over-developed quads and hamstrings
  • iliotibial band syndrome
  • RSI (carpal tunnel) pain
  • tendonitis
  • plantar fasciitis

Rolfing can also have a transformative effect on the following:

  • energy levels
  • digestion (constipation, IBS)
  • anxiety and stress levels

(Please note that Rolfing is not a psychological therapy and I am not a trained psychotherapist. However, the effect of changing old patterns in the body can bring about very positive personal transformation at an emotional level. Many clients choose Rolfing at a moment when their life is changing, or they would like it to.)

In many cases, the Rolfing ten-series can also have a significant cosmetic effect (and take a look at my blog post where I discuss whether Rolfing can make you look slimmer):

  • standing taller
  • longer neck
  • longer torso
  • greater waist definition
  • looking slimmer
  • changes in overall muscle tone


It is not advisable to begin a series of Rolfing sessions when you are pregnant, because your body is not only changing in size and shape but will be affected by the pregnancy hormone, relaxin.

Rolfing is not suitable for acute injuries (due to inflammation), though it may be very helpful after the acute phase.

Due to the way in which fascia is connected across the whole body, it is not advisable to have Rolfing if you have cancer, or are within the first five years of remission.


Some limited Rolfing treatments can be suitable for children, but please remember that children’s bodies are growing and changing all the time. Please contact me for further information.

If you have any concerns about whether Rolfing is suitable for you, please consult your doctor beforehand. I am also happy to answer your further questions.


I don’t treat horses! But yes, there are practitioners around the world who apply the principles of Rolfing to horses and other animals.

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