Starting this November, I will be running group workshops once a quarter.

These workshops are for everyone – whether you’ve already received Rolfing or TRE sessions (with me or someone else) or not – and will cover a wide range of topics. They will offer a more spacious opportunity to learn more about the principles and history of Rolfing and TRE and explore practices for self-exploration and self-care through meditation, movement, and touch. You won’t have to take your clothes off (apart from your socks!) and we’ll work together in a calm, friendly, and respectful way. There will also be a little time available during each workshop for personal consultation.

Contact Naomi to find out more or click here to book the November workshop directly.

Sunday 21st November

A complete toolkit for working from home

In this workshop we will explore how to sit and stand comfortably while working from home (or your office!) to avoid back-, neck- and shoulder-pain. You will learn more about the anatomy of sitting, how to sit well in any chair, the best tools to help you mod your office space for greater comfort, and how to mitigate the effects of excessive screen time. We will also learn self-care exercises to prevent repetitive strain injuries in the hands and wrists, and how to work with a standing desk.


February (date tbc)

Walking tall, treading lightly

Done well, walking is one of the simplest all-round exercises, accessible to almost everyone at any age. Our comfort or discomfort in walking also provides a useful indication of potential postural problems throughout the body. How we stand and walk are also important expressions of vitality, confidence, and personality. In this workshop you will learn to recognise your own walking style, how it changes in different circumstances (weather, shoewear, mood); and the elements of a fluid, graceful, and sustainable walk. Weather permitting, there will be an opportunity to walk in Regent’s Park, and we will explore mindful walking as a way to refresh mind and body with new information.

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