I launch into today’s post with a degree of trepidation. In my line of work, an element of self-promotion is a necessity. Nevertheless, I’m always careful to avoid making exaggerated or unsubstantiated claims for Rolfing, and to encourage my clients to choose Rolfing for themselves, at a time that’s right for them.

But sometimes a nudge in the right direction can be a wonderful thing.

Rolfing: the unexpected gift that goes on giving

Rolfing: the unexpected gift that goes on giving

For that person in your life who has exhausted all your gift-giving options, a single session of Rolfing in London or Luton might be just the ticket. This year, I’m offering Rolfing gift sessions to purchase for a friend or a loved one. Or, y’know, for yourself, if someone is asking you what you would like this Christmas.

Regular readers of my blog will know that Rolfing is a structured course of ten sessions of physical therapy that can bring about visible improvements to your posture, and may help to improve or resolve a number of common physical ailments, such as back, neck and shoulder pain, chronically short hamstrings, plantar fasciitis, and sciatica, as well as being helpful in cases of chronic tiredness and exhaustion. And don’t take my word for it: you can read a number of testimonials from my former clients, including this lovely one from Bianca:

Naomi is one of the most genuine therapists I had pleasure to meet. She is patient, warm, insightful, generous and funny. I always look forward to each session as I always learn something new from it, apart from feeling re-invigorated.

You can also read more about what happens in a first hour of Rolfing, and more about each of the ten sessions here.

Rolfing works best when clients develop their own curiosity and commitment to complete all ten sessions. As an ethical therapist, it’s very important to me that my clients come to Rolfing because they want to, and it’s for that reason that I recommend buying just one session (or up to three as a maximum) as a gift. They’ll be under no obligation to continue, but your gift will go furthest if there’s a good chance that they’ll enjoy the work and become curious to keep going with it. Even one session can be powerfully relaxing and rejuvenating, and they’ll leave with tips and exercises to get them thinking about their posture. Of course, if your recipient gets on with Rolfing, you’re very welcome to extend their gift later on!

I charge £80 for a single Rolfing session in London, and £60 for a session in Luton (for three sessions: £240 in London, £180 in Luton).

If you fancy giving the gift of Rolfing this year, please contact me by email through my How to Book page, and I will send details for payment by bank transfer.

For payments received no later than Tuesday, 20th December, I will also send out a gift card (with details of the gift, and what to expect during their treatment) to addresses within the UK. The card can go either to you (to give to them in person), or directly to your recipient.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful and memorable gift this Christmas, why not treat someone special (or yourself!) to the gift of Rolfing: it’s sure to be a talking point, and it may help them to get 2017 off to a flying start.

Ts & Cs

  1. Please note that no refunds are available except where I am unable to deliver the session personally. In this unlikely event, I would aim to arrange for the booking to be passed to an alternative Rolfing practitioner working locally.
  2. Gift sessions must be taken by the end of March 2017.
  3. Gifts may be ‘re-gifted’ if necessary, but this must be agreed with me in advance. London sessions may be also taken at my Luton clinic (although no refund will be made); paid sessions for Luton may be transferred to my London clinic only on payment of a £20 supplement.
  4. Refer to my How to Book page for more information about clinic days and times in Luton. Please note that I usually only offer sessions in Luton on Sundays. For female clients only, I can occasionally offer additional times in Luton, on weekdays. If there is a strong likelihood that your recipient would prefer a morning session in London (times before 11am), please contact me. I charge an additional supplement for early morning appointments.
  5. Rolfing is contraindicated (considered medically unsuitable) for some people. Please take a look at the conditions listed here before purchasing your gift session. In case of any specific questions, please contact me directly. In the event of a contraindication, it may be possible to convert the gift into a session of my other accredited therapies where these would be more suitable: reflexology, aromatherapy, and body massage.
  6. In a first session of Rolfing, a detailed medical history will be taken. A first session usually lasts just under 2hrs.

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